Friday, March 9, 2007

More More More

Been a busy week or so here. Cold cold weather outside.....thank God for Vongo. PreviouslyI had Vongo in beta, and wanted to pull my hair out with DRM errors part of the time, but I am back because you can't beat this deal ! 9.99 for unlimited movie downloads !! You can play them on your tv if you have a compatible tv, and you can upload movies to 3 computers. So far so good. Note of caution. Avoid Windows Media Player 11 , although Vongo is Vista compatible, which is great. If you don't love it, cancel it at any contracts.

Another new favorite is Fon is a global community of broadband-users, like you and me, who are willing to share their signal, choose how much of their signal they want to share, hook up the Fon wireless router to their connection, and then have access to a burgeoning number of Fon wifi routers everywhere. This company was formed in Europe just over a year old, and they have created a tight network of Foneros all over Europe. Here's the plan. If a friend buys a Fon router for $39, he can send you or you and everybody you know, a FREE Fon router.....which must be their rapid network-building secret for success. By participating in the Fon community and sharing your braodband, you get a user name and password, and Free Wifi access to the Fon network everyywhere it's available, so again building a network quickly serves everyone. If you look ahead to one of my other favorites, Skype, sooner that you can say, "Jack Robinson likes hot pickled eggs" 10 times fast, we will be using Skype wifi phones over the Fon network, instead of being married to Verizon Wireless. Digital life is Good:-). So here's the deal. My router will be coming shortly, so if you want a FREE Fon wifi router, just visit , go to the Contact us page, and send me your email address, and I will have Fon send you a router for FREE. Power to the People and all that 60's stuff.

Speaking of Skype, their newest beta Version 3.1 will be of interest to business owners with an online presence, because this newest version allows any Skype user to recommend a favorite business to be added to SkypeFind, the business directory that will be available to the many million Skype users all over the world. So for goodness sake, recommend your company. Free.

Here's another beauty for bloggers and website owners that I have not instituted as yet, but I will this weekend. It's called Snap, and it's a search engine with a twist. You just install this tiny snippet of code, and anyone who starts to click any active link in my blog or website, get a preview of the link page....that's right, a small snapshot of the page. Very cool And again, FREE.

Speaking of Free, let's hear it again for Google, my favorite online Big Boy. Lots of quality freebies, starting with my beloved Gmail, onto Gtalk, which is apparently in the process of creating an actual VOIP phone service......rumors of a design contract with one of the major cellular phone companies abound. Not to mention PageCreator, another Google gift, which is just what it sounds like and which is hosted free on what must be the world's most reliable server. How many times have I said FREE in this blog ? Good grief as Charlie Brown would say, and yet, it's all good.

That's it for today. Check out these great opportunities and let me know what you think !

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