Monday, March 26, 2007

More Great Things !!!

It's been almost a month since my last post ! Hard to believe. The good news is that I have found some great new things to share with you ! is a great lookalike that offers members a beautiful piece of software that works like Camtasia Studio,which you can pay a lot of money for, as I just did, or you can download the software for FREE. It's called Studio Pro and allows you to broadcast video through your webcam that you have recorded previously, or it allows you to broadcast any video you have on file, as well as do a screen capture and broadcast it or save it. It also allows you to capture any video you play on any media player, and it allows you to save it to your HardDrive. You can keep that Camtasia Studio charge of $299. in your pocket to spend for something way more fun. Oh, and if you are looking for friends or enjoy entertaining others and getting lots of attention, you can become a Vid Star this afternoon :-).

OK, you know how I love Skype. They offer a service called PrettyMay Call Center for FREE that is equivalent t o one of my other favorites, One Box is $49.95 monthly for a beautiful Call Center AND 2000 FREE 800# minutes for all those folks who want to contact your company. Gobs and gobs of FREE phone support....these are great people. Or the FREE Skype version which has gotten rave reviews by Skype users, the Pretty May Call Center, which I'm going to set up with my Skype phone #s and check out. As much as I love ONEBOX, and I do, FREE is better and it's a Skype approved service. I will let you know whether I love it.

I know I promised SNAP by the next blog entry, and here we are with no, but maybe later today, I will install this nifty little piece of software. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. Free isn't necessarily better, but it is FREE after all :-).

More goodies. NEIH is having a great sale !!! Hypnotherapy Certfication Training for $555. and the full Clinical Hypnotherapy program for only $1294. 32 DVDs, CDs, and 8 Certifications upon completion. This 8-12 month program is a steal of a deal right now, down from $1698. to only $1294. Start a new career that nourishes you as well as your clients.

Speaking of Camtasia as I was a bit ago, let me remind you that they offer, perhaps the best dealing on video storage/video streaming you will find online. Programs start at $6.95 per month, which is wild, since there are still video streaming sites charging $99. per month and WAY UP from there. Check this out, since it seems a great great deal !

Do you have a great voice ? Have you ever considered a career doing voiceovers ? Do you need a voice for some project you are developing. Well, check out You can leave a voice sample and receive notification of bids for voice talent. No charge to register, and how nice to get paid to talk. Check them out....they seem to be the real deal.

If you haven't checked out, go check it out. Very cool, very free stuff for your website or blogs.

And one of my favs, Sitepal. Odd little headshot people who speak coherently in your voice or a pro voice about your company, your website, you, state of the nation....whatever you want. Check out one of our sitepal at She is totally cool, and she/he will keep visitors on your website longer. Which totally the idea, right ?

That's it for today. Again, I will try to get back to you with new goodies within the next couple of weeks. Check these out and enjoy !!!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

VONGO- Run, Run like the Wind !!!!!

Before any of you suffer the pains of dealing with the new Un-beta version of Vongo, which will make you want to shoot someone, save yourself the trouble. I am comfortable sharing this advice, having spent 4 phone calls to Vongo customer support(one of these guys was smart and informed which tells you a lot about the other 3) for about 1 and 1/2 hours with the original challege being - able to download, unable to play, escalating to not able to download, which is NOT a progressively encouraging trend and therefore, moving forward to not able to play. After all of these conversations, one of which is "escalating to Tech 2 support which I will allegedly experience in 5-7 days, Yahoo !!!!, I am again ready to shoot myself. Save yourself the trouble. I found one guy after googling vongo drm upgrade, who found a way to save movies in a way that disables the DRM thing, but after my time with the Customer Support folk at Vongo, I actually can't download anymore. Forgive my innocent heart, the one that hoped the absence of the word BETA meant that they had eliminated the bugs. Not so much. Same bugs, different support staff, same ineffective solutions. Sad. Folks like can set up a wifi network around the world, and Starz/Vongo can't even get their movies to play. Sigh.

My only purpose for this post isn't to complain, but to save anyone encouraged by my previous euphoric post, to take a reality break re Vongo. Worth trying, drinking wine in the process, encouraged......all I'm saying.....being somewhat anesthetized can't hurt. And good luck to you. Please let us know if you prevail.

More More More

Been a busy week or so here. Cold cold weather outside.....thank God for Vongo. PreviouslyI had Vongo in beta, and wanted to pull my hair out with DRM errors part of the time, but I am back because you can't beat this deal ! 9.99 for unlimited movie downloads !! You can play them on your tv if you have a compatible tv, and you can upload movies to 3 computers. So far so good. Note of caution. Avoid Windows Media Player 11 , although Vongo is Vista compatible, which is great. If you don't love it, cancel it at any contracts.

Another new favorite is Fon is a global community of broadband-users, like you and me, who are willing to share their signal, choose how much of their signal they want to share, hook up the Fon wireless router to their connection, and then have access to a burgeoning number of Fon wifi routers everywhere. This company was formed in Europe just over a year old, and they have created a tight network of Foneros all over Europe. Here's the plan. If a friend buys a Fon router for $39, he can send you or you and everybody you know, a FREE Fon router.....which must be their rapid network-building secret for success. By participating in the Fon community and sharing your braodband, you get a user name and password, and Free Wifi access to the Fon network everyywhere it's available, so again building a network quickly serves everyone. If you look ahead to one of my other favorites, Skype, sooner that you can say, "Jack Robinson likes hot pickled eggs" 10 times fast, we will be using Skype wifi phones over the Fon network, instead of being married to Verizon Wireless. Digital life is Good:-). So here's the deal. My router will be coming shortly, so if you want a FREE Fon wifi router, just visit , go to the Contact us page, and send me your email address, and I will have Fon send you a router for FREE. Power to the People and all that 60's stuff.

Speaking of Skype, their newest beta Version 3.1 will be of interest to business owners with an online presence, because this newest version allows any Skype user to recommend a favorite business to be added to SkypeFind, the business directory that will be available to the many million Skype users all over the world. So for goodness sake, recommend your company. Free.

Here's another beauty for bloggers and website owners that I have not instituted as yet, but I will this weekend. It's called Snap, and it's a search engine with a twist. You just install this tiny snippet of code, and anyone who starts to click any active link in my blog or website, get a preview of the link page....that's right, a small snapshot of the page. Very cool And again, FREE.

Speaking of Free, let's hear it again for Google, my favorite online Big Boy. Lots of quality freebies, starting with my beloved Gmail, onto Gtalk, which is apparently in the process of creating an actual VOIP phone service......rumors of a design contract with one of the major cellular phone companies abound. Not to mention PageCreator, another Google gift, which is just what it sounds like and which is hosted free on what must be the world's most reliable server. How many times have I said FREE in this blog ? Good grief as Charlie Brown would say, and yet, it's all good.

That's it for today. Check out these great opportunities and let me know what you think !

Friday, February 23, 2007

My Favorite Things Online and Why !

I spend a whole lot of time online, don't get me started, and sometimes I run across some really great stuff. Some girl stuff, a lot of internet marketer stuff, some holistic stuff, some networking stuff. And I decided to post what I've found that I love

For example, I am in love with I admit it.....loving an animated person.....sad but true :-). We've got 4 up on and I love these little antimated girls. Check them out. Oddcast, the creators of SitePal make a lot of claims about web marketing benefits of these SitePals, and I believe that there is truth in their claims, based on my experience with the SP's on this week. Cheap, innovative, amusing......don't get much better than that.

Newly enamored with If you are relocating, or you are passionate about a topic and you want to sit around with others equally passionate about this topic, or you just want more human contact, I think that is the way to go. It's like, only much more about face-2-face stuff specifically. It's free to join, and you can form groups in a heartbeat, join other groups, charge for classes within the group format. Truly cool and growing like a weed. This is one to watch.

Quite taken with, one of the companies offering to provide webmasters with Live Chat Help on websites. We instituted it on and it's working well. Easy interface, good support, affordable. This is one to check out if you are considering adding Help Chat to your website.

Love this software to translate your website into a whole lot of other languages. I found another service online that charges about $180. per month for creating these translations for your site. That's about the prices of the software, and it translates the entire website, in minutes, or a document etc. Will purchase, haven't as yet. Other projects ahead of this one, but shortly. This is a great weekend project ! The software is called Site Translator 2.4. Google it. I found this software after checking out a gazillion others. endless hours I'll never have back.....enjoy !!

If you take vitamin supplements, I highly recommend your checking out and Either free shipping at a $60. purchase or fixed shipping of $4.99 for any number of items. Excellent prices, fast shipping. I order from both of these and really like the savings and the convenience. And the selection. If one of these companies doesn't have it, you probably don't need it :-). Recent savings on Acai Juice from Iherb of $14. per bottle off MSR. Hard to beat's a reorder for me.

In a more holistic health vein, there is a website called Earth Clinic with some great, "oldfashioned" inexpensive approaches to serious health challenges. My own most obvious one right now is elevated BP. I just started with some of the recommendations from and I am amazed at the quick and happy results. Not a fan of traditional medical approaches, I briefly danced with hypertensive medication which at the beginning of use, made the BP higher, yada yada. Unwilling to continue with pharmaceuticals, I've modified diet, added pharmaceutical grade fish oil from Dr. Sears, walked more, etc, used Hypnosis and have been making progress, but I wasn't feeling quite there yet. I was transfixed by pages of testimonials from people all over the world and their experiences with these simple products. And a gentleman from Bangkok, who offers his wisdom to one and all. This site doesn't seem to sell anything, which is pretty amazing, because they have quite a following. If you have tried the traditional approach to a health challenge and you're not getting anywhere with it, please check out this fascinating website. Or if you are a holistic health junkie like me, you will really enjoy reading this website.

I could go on and I will.......with a later post. Please check these great resources out and let us know if you like them!!! Have a great weekend !