Friday, February 23, 2007

My Favorite Things Online and Why !

I spend a whole lot of time online, don't get me started, and sometimes I run across some really great stuff. Some girl stuff, a lot of internet marketer stuff, some holistic stuff, some networking stuff. And I decided to post what I've found that I love

For example, I am in love with I admit it.....loving an animated person.....sad but true :-). We've got 4 up on and I love these little antimated girls. Check them out. Oddcast, the creators of SitePal make a lot of claims about web marketing benefits of these SitePals, and I believe that there is truth in their claims, based on my experience with the SP's on this week. Cheap, innovative, amusing......don't get much better than that.

Newly enamored with If you are relocating, or you are passionate about a topic and you want to sit around with others equally passionate about this topic, or you just want more human contact, I think that is the way to go. It's like, only much more about face-2-face stuff specifically. It's free to join, and you can form groups in a heartbeat, join other groups, charge for classes within the group format. Truly cool and growing like a weed. This is one to watch.

Quite taken with, one of the companies offering to provide webmasters with Live Chat Help on websites. We instituted it on and it's working well. Easy interface, good support, affordable. This is one to check out if you are considering adding Help Chat to your website.

Love this software to translate your website into a whole lot of other languages. I found another service online that charges about $180. per month for creating these translations for your site. That's about the prices of the software, and it translates the entire website, in minutes, or a document etc. Will purchase, haven't as yet. Other projects ahead of this one, but shortly. This is a great weekend project ! The software is called Site Translator 2.4. Google it. I found this software after checking out a gazillion others. endless hours I'll never have back.....enjoy !!

If you take vitamin supplements, I highly recommend your checking out and Either free shipping at a $60. purchase or fixed shipping of $4.99 for any number of items. Excellent prices, fast shipping. I order from both of these and really like the savings and the convenience. And the selection. If one of these companies doesn't have it, you probably don't need it :-). Recent savings on Acai Juice from Iherb of $14. per bottle off MSR. Hard to beat's a reorder for me.

In a more holistic health vein, there is a website called Earth Clinic with some great, "oldfashioned" inexpensive approaches to serious health challenges. My own most obvious one right now is elevated BP. I just started with some of the recommendations from and I am amazed at the quick and happy results. Not a fan of traditional medical approaches, I briefly danced with hypertensive medication which at the beginning of use, made the BP higher, yada yada. Unwilling to continue with pharmaceuticals, I've modified diet, added pharmaceutical grade fish oil from Dr. Sears, walked more, etc, used Hypnosis and have been making progress, but I wasn't feeling quite there yet. I was transfixed by pages of testimonials from people all over the world and their experiences with these simple products. And a gentleman from Bangkok, who offers his wisdom to one and all. This site doesn't seem to sell anything, which is pretty amazing, because they have quite a following. If you have tried the traditional approach to a health challenge and you're not getting anywhere with it, please check out this fascinating website. Or if you are a holistic health junkie like me, you will really enjoy reading this website.

I could go on and I will.......with a later post. Please check these great resources out and let us know if you like them!!! Have a great weekend !

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